Our much loved horses spending time together on the hill

Our Horses

The best horses in the business

It has taken us over 15 years to gather and grow the best working mob of horses in Australia in our industry. A mixture of Australian Draft Cross, Waler and Stockhorse make up Bellrowan’s working team, 22 out of our 34 horses are from the same bloodline, all born,raised and trained by us. We also have an array of Australian stockhorses , Quaterhorses, Paint/Stockhorse/Clydie cross and two beautiful Palominos…

They are healthy, happy and their condition is our priority as you will see when you are around them.

We know them like our own family and they trust us as we give them the best care possible.

Whilst our regular riders have their favourite – It’s pretty hard to pick one as they are all so great in their own right.

When they are not working they are allowed to be horses

With over 800 acres to graze on and be a part of a herd.

Horse Riding in Port Macquarie with best in the business Bellrowan ValleyOf an evening and their days off they can relax and do their own thing, grazing and chatting about the people they have met on their backs while “at work”.

It is very hard to not to love these animals which have been so good to us two-leggeds over so many centuries.

Coming soon: we will list each of our horses on our site so you can meet them all…stay tuned!


Baby Merlot with Mum Spice at Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding in Port Macquarie